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Skinceuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst Special Offer

Skinceuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst Special Offer

From R3150.00

Special Offer!

Buy a SkinCeuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst and a Gentle Cleanser, and get a free CE Ferulic (15ml).

What's in the Box?

1 x SkinCeuticals Cleanser of Your Choice: Select your favourite SkinCeuticals cleanser to enhance this amazing offer.

1 x SkinCeuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst: A daily, layer-able serum clinically proven to enhance anti-ageing results. This serum features a multi-acid complex, including alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids and Taurine, to gently exfoliate and boost cellular turnover on the skin’s surface.

Your Free Gift

1 x SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic (15ml): A powerful antioxidant formulation that shields your skin from photo-aging by neutralising free radicals, boosting collagen synthesis, and providing superior antioxidant protection. The key ingredient, Ferulic, inhibits UVA, UVB, and Infrared radiation while accelerating skin cell turnover and reducing visible signs of ageing.

Hurry! Offer valid until 30 June 2024 or while stocks last.

Key Ingredients:
Glycolic Acid, Vitamin C, Ferulic acid