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SkinCeuticals Advanced Scar Control

SkinCeuticals Advanced Scar Control


SkinCeuticals Advanced Scar Control is a high-silicone gel to create a barrier on the skin which helps reduce the appearance of existing scars, as well as prevent formation of new scars. It is ideal for scarring after surgical procedures, burns, scrapes and cuts.

SkinCeuticals Advanced Scar Control - Benefits

The distinctive combination of silicones, allantoin and fatty acids aids as protection to delicate skin. It also provides relief from irritation as well as inflammation. It has a non-sticky texture, which is easy to apply, and absorbs immediately.

The versatility of the silicones allows for use and application on the body as well as the face and irregular scar surfaces, while the fatty acids are responsible for keeping the area sufficiently hydrated.

Apply to clean, dry skin once a day and do not apply to broken skin. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen in combination with the SkinCeuticals Scar Control to avoid further damage from UV rays.

Key Ingredients:
Silicones, Allantoin, Fatty Acids, Ultralight Silica

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