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Neostrata PHA Renewal Pads

Neostrata PHA Renewal Pads


Neostrata PHA Renewal Pads are the ultimate solution for radiant, even-toned skin. 


The unique blend of 4% Poly Hydroxy Acid (PHA) efficiently resurfaces your skin, eliminating dull buildup and unveiling a healthier-looking, smoother texture. Also, experience the power of nature with Green Tea and Cucumber Extracts, known for their exceptional hydrating and soothing properties, relieving dry, stressed skin. 

They are free from parabens and dyes and have been dermatologist and allergy tested.

Skin Types:

Neostrata PHA Renewal Pads offer remarkable benefits for various skin types, including sensitive skin. They are particularly beneficial for those seeking radiant, even-toned skin. If you struggle with dry skin, dullness or uneven texture or want to rejuvenate, your complexion will appreciate the hydrating and soothing properties, whether you have normal, dry, or combination skin.


Incorporate them into your daily routine by smoothly gliding the pad over your face daily after cleansing. Massage in any excess product.

Follow up with a good Moisturiser and sunblock.

Key Ingredients:
4% Gluconolactone (PHA), Green Tea Extract, Cucumber Extract