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NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution 8 AHA

NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution 8 AHA


NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution 8 AHA is a hydrating, toner-like solution made up of Glycolic Acids suitable for oily and acne-prone skin types.  This solution is used after you have cleansed your skin and before you apply your moisturiser or sun protection.  We do not advise you to use this solution if your skin in sensitive or rosacea-prone.

NeoStrata Oily Skin Solution 8 AHA - Benefits

The Glycolic Acids help to clear your pores, remove excess oil and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.  It is also an effective solution to help control comedone formation.  As a result of the exfoliating properties, your skin will feel smooth, soft and healthy.

Fragrance-Free. Dye-Free. Paba-Free.

100 (ml)
Key Ingredients:
8% Glycolic acid

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