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MD Lash Factor Eyelash Conditioner

MD Lash Factor Eyelash Conditioner


MD Lash Factor Eyelash Conditioner is an award-winning formula for thin and short lashes. It combines the latest in skin care science and safe ingredients to result in longer, fuller and thicker looking lashes.

MD Lash Factor Eyelash Conditioner – Benefits

Firstly, it contains Cytokines which stimulates follicles to develop fuller, thicker and longer-looking lashes. It also contains Thiotaine, a powerful peptide and anti-oxidant to protect and nourish your lashes to develop their fullest potential. Panthenol is a provitamin of B5 and is responsible for moisturising your lashes. Furthermore, it also contains Biotin to support cell health. Lastly, milk protein encourages healthy cell growth.

It is suitable for all contact lens wearers as well as for those with sensitive eyes.

Directions for use:

A little goes a long way. One dip into the tube gives you enough conditioner for both eyelids. One stroke with the brush on each eyelid will distribute enough conditioner for effectiveness.

Apply once a day, in the evening, before bedtime.

Ensure that you have removed contact lenses first and after washing your face and around eye area. Apply a thin line of MD lash Factor Eyelash Conditioner along the base of the upper lash line from above. Use as you would a liquid eyeliner.

Daily use is essential for best results.

Ophthalmologist tested; Prostaglandin free; Paraben free; Hypo-allergenic.

Key Ingredients:
Cytokines, Thiotaine, Panthenol, Biotin, Milk Protein