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Lamelle Youthful Nourish Cream Festive Deal

Lamelle Youthful Nourish Cream Festive Deal


Protect and maintain your skin with Lamelle Youthful Nourish Cream Festive Deal. Purchase a Nourish Revitalize Lite, Nourish Daily Cleanser 150ml, Correctives Recharge CE Complex, and Helase Photo-Repair Cream SPF 50, and save R865.

Lamelle Youthful Nourish Cream Festival Deal - Benefits

Lamelle Nourish Revitalise Cream is a medium-weight moisturizer for morning and evening use. It deeply nourishes the skin while protecting and restoring cell damage at a DNA level.

Lamelle Nourish Daily Cleanse is a soap-free foaming gel that is suitable for all skin types. This active, yet gentle wash, deeply cleanses pores for a more refreshed-looking skin.

Lamelle Correctives Recharge CE Complex is a powerful antioxidant treating wrinkles, skin texture, sluggish skin cell turnover as well as discoloration.

Lamelle Helase Photo-Repair Cream SPF 50 is a first-of-its-kind product that can physically repair skin cells on an atomic level. This sun protection cream is suitable for all skin types except those suffering from acne.

The offer is valid between 10 November to 25 December 2020, or while stocks last.

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