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Lamelle Serra Cleansing Gel

Lamelle Serra Cleansing Gel


Lamelle Serra Cleansing Gel is a soap-free, cream cleanser ideal for daily use on sensitive or dry skins. It is very gentle, protects a fragile skin barrier, and contains no irritating ingredients.

Lamelle Serra Cleansing Gel - Benefits

Especially relevant is that Serra is the FIRST skincare range that enables the skin to truly repair by duplicating and replicating the skin’s own natural behavior. Combining Ceramide-P with new anti-inflammatory Peptides and Dexpanthenol, it relieves skin dryness and sensitivity. Furthermore, it also treats Atopic Dermatitis by restoring the lipid bi-layer effectively. Clinical studies in both adults and children have shown significant improvements in signs and symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis with the regular use of Ceramide-P. Serra Cleansing Gel leaves the skin wonderfully refreshed with a soft hydrated non-greasy, non-oily feel.

125 (ml)
Key Ingredients:
Patented Ceramide-P, Dexpanthenol, Anti-Inflammatory Peptides