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Lamelle RFM Elixir Cream

Lamelle RFM Elixir Cream


Lamelle RFM Elixir Cream is the ultimate moisturiser for rejuvenation, now featuring a superstar active ingredient, Stem Cell Conditioned Media (SCCM). 


This cutting-edge cream delivers the “liquid essence” of stem cells, incubated in a liquid gel that becomes infused with their regenerative factors after removal. The natural encapsulation technology ensures maximal absorption and optimal results. 

SCCM contains active growth factors, anti-inflammatory cytokines, potent antioxidants, collagen-encouraging peptides, and stem cell-derived exosomes for a powerful anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pigment-inhibiting powerhouse. 

Skin Types

Suitable for all skin types concerned with ageing and rejuvenation.


Apply on clean, dry skin every evening after your night-time serum.

Key Ingredients:
Stem Cell Conditioned Media (SCCM)