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Lamelle Luminesce Brightening Defense SPF 30

Lamelle Luminesce Brightening Defense SPF 30


Lamelle Luminesce Brightening Defense SPF 30 is a daily-use, full-spectrum Ultraviolet A and B sunscreen designed to protect skin with hyperpigmentation.


It contains the latest Bio-Peptides, which reduce the darkening of pigmentation while safely protecting the skin from further damage. It also acts as a barrier replacement and reduces inflammation and sensitivity.

In addition, Brighter Defence is a great sunscreen containing pigment-inhibiting peptides and a particular type of vitamin C called MAP that protects against free radicals. It's non-oily, with a matte effect on the skin that won't leave a grey tinge. Use it daily to manage and prevent hyperpigmentation, and enjoy its anti-itch and anti-redness benefits.

It is also non-whitening, gloss and stick-free.

Skin Types:

This high-quality sunscreen is suitable for all skin types.


Apply daily on your face, neck and chest after your day cream application.

The Lamelle Luminesce Treatment Pack offers a wide-ranging approach to skincare. It comprises various products, including the Lamelle Luminesce Brightening Cleanser 125ml, Luminesce Brighter Day, Luminesce Evening Glow, and Luminesce Brightening Defense SPF 30. This kit aims to cover multiple aspects of a comprehensive skincare routine. 

70 (ml)
Key Ingredients:
Oligopeptide-34, Pentapeptide-15, Bearberry extract, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP)