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Lamelle Helase Urban Defence 30

Lamelle Helase Urban Defence 30


Lamelle Helase Urban Defence 30 is a lightweight, anti-ageing sun protection product, suitable for normal to oilier skin types. It is specifically relevant to those living in urban areas, who are exposed to urban pollution.

It is important to consider what urban pollution is. It is areas where we live, that contain toxic levels of pollutants. These pollutants (also known as particulate matter) are often the cause of premature ageing, hyperpigmentation and inflammation.

Lamelle Helase Urban Defence 30 - Benefits

It contains a technology - Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Inhibition, which is responsible for reducing the effects of particulate matter. It also provides broad-spectrum protection against the damaging effects of UVA as well as UVB frequencies. Further to this, the unique formulation also repairs DNA damage as a result of particulate matter.

Skin Types

  • Suitable for normal to oily skin.
  • Relevant for urban living.


Apply every morning on clean skin after your daily moisturiser, and before make-up application.

Key Ingredients:
Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Inhibition