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Lamelle Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream

Lamelle Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream


Lamelle Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream is Lamelle’s most superior skin rejuvenation home care tool. It is best suitable for dry and photo-ageing skin types.

Lamelle Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream - Benefits

Dermaheal Ultra Renewal Cream consists of an optimal dose of recombinant Growth Factors. This will result in maximum regeneration while retaining the gentleness of the skin’s natural repair pathways. In conclusion, this is the ultimate moisturizer in anti-ageing and laser-free skin remodeling. Avoid excessive volume of the application until the skin fully adjusts to the level of stimulation – starting with 3 times per week in the first week and increasing usage in the following weeks.

50 (ml)
Key Ingredients:
Epidermal growth factor (EGF), Fibroblast growth factor (bFGF), Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1), Anti-aging peptides, IDP-5, Copper tri-peptide

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