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Lamelle Dermaheal Renewal Cream

Lamelle Dermaheal Renewal Cream


Lamelle Dermaheal Renewal Cream is a powerful corrective moisturiser with 50% more Growth Factors than Lamelle Dermaheal Cellular Repair Cream.


One of the key benefits of this moisturiser is its high and active levels of Growth Factors, which help to rejuvenate photo-damaged and ageing skin using natural repair pathways. With its unique blend of ingredients, this moisturiser quickly remodels all layers of the skin, leaving you with a radiant, smooth, and firm complexion.

Regular use of this moisturiser will help reduce visible lines and wrinkles.

Skin Types:

If you're new to Growth Factors, we recommend starting with the Lamelle Dermaheal Cellular Repair Cream before using this product.

In addition to its age-correcting properties, Dermaheal Renewal Cream also soothes and relieves sensitive and dry skin. This moisturiser is perfect for anyone looking to rejuvenate their skin and achieve a youthful appearance.


Apply one pump to your face, neck, and décolleté after cleansing and applying the relevant Lamelle Correctives serum.

50 (ml)
Key Ingredients:
Nobiletin, Growth Factors, Ceramide-P, Astaxanthin