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Lamelle Dermaheal Foaming Cleanser

Lamelle Dermaheal Foaming Cleanser

From R285.00

Lamelle Dermaheal Foaming Cleanser is a luxurious, soap-free, foaming cleanser suitable for all skin types. It is mild enough to use twice a day as it hydrates your skin as you cleanse.

Lamelle Dermaheal Foaming Cleanser - Benefits

Firstly, this gentle, yet effective cleanser contains high concentrations of powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants are responsible for protecting your skin from free radicals. Furthermore, it also protects your skin from future environmental damages. Lastly, these antioxidants have the ability to travel and provide support directly to the epidermis.

Key Ingredients:
Copper tri-peptide, Thioredoxin (TRX)

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