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Lamelle Clarity Corrective PM Plus

Lamelle Clarity Corrective PM Plus


Lamelle Clarity Corrective PM Plus, a potent night-time treatment moisturiser, incorporates Vitamin A while avoiding typical irritations.


It features an innovative blend of ingredients, starring a novel, safe form of Retinoid that promotes normal skin cell turnover without causing dryness. Additionally, it blends innovative anti-inflammatory Lactoferrin Peptides (hLF), calming Rosemary and Witch Hazel Extracts, sebum-controlling Nobiletin, and the antibacterial effects of Cedar Bark Extract, Hinokitiol. 

Copper Peptide and Botanical Extracts offer superior antioxidant protection, while Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF) fast-tracks the healing of skin lesions.

Skin Types:

It is aptly suited for skin types prone to acne and related issues.


To attain the best results, we advise using this product only at night after cleansing and applying it on your face, neck, or other affected areas.

Experience a comprehensive skincare solution with Lamelle's specially curated box, combining the three key Clarity products, for a synergistic approach to clear, radiant skin - Lamelle Clarity Treatment Pack.

Key Ingredients:
Retinoic Acid Analogue, Growth Factors, Tea Tree, Epidermal growth factor (EGF)