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Lamelle Clarity Active Body Spray

Lamelle Clarity Active Body Spray


Lamelle Clarity Active Body Spray is a potent and user-friendly formulation designed to address hard-to-reach areas prone to acne breakouts. 


The efficacy can be attributed to its powerful blend of active ingredients, which include Salicylic Acid and Azelaic Acid. The key advantage lies in its high concentration of these active ingredients that target acne and breakouts over a wide area. 

Furthermore, it has been created to manage neck, back, shoulders, and chest acne. This versatile spray applicator makes it simple to apply, providing all-body control for your acne treatment needs. 

Skin Types:

This unique product is ideally suited for individuals grappling with back acne. It should be noted that this product isn't appropriate for treating facial acne.


Using Lamelle Clarity Active Body Spray is a straightforward process. After cleaning and drying the skin, spray a reasonable amount of the product on the most acne-affected areas. Massage the product into the skin to aid absorption and distribute it evenly. 

This product can be used during morning and evening routines or as frequently as required for optimal results.

Sunscreen application during the daytime is advisable to protect your skin. 

Key Ingredients:
Azelaic Acid, Salicylic acid, Niacinamide