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Lamelle Barrier Repair Cream

Lamelle Barrier Repair Cream


The Lamelle Barrier Repair Cream is an exceptional skin care product that offers soothing benefits, especially post-treatment skin care following procedures like chemical peels and laser therapy. 


This rich cream provides unparalleled benefits due to its unique ingredient, Medilan®, medical-grade lanolin. Medilan® has the remarkable capacity to emulate the functions of your skin's natural oils, delivering unparalleled hydration that lasts for up to two days after application. 

Additionally, it fosters an optimal environment for wound healing due to its moisture-retaining properties. 

Skin Types:

A standout feature of the Lamelle Barrier Repair Cream is its suitability for very sensitive skin types, offering them a gentle yet effective solution for enhanced skin health. 

Incorporating this cream into your skin care regimen ensures that your skin receives the nourishment and healing it needs, leaving it feeling soothed, hydrated, and revitalized.


Take a small amount of the Lamelle Barrier Repair Cream on your fingertips. Gently spread the cream onto the desired area, using upward, circular motions. Avoid pulling or tugging on your skin as you apply.

Key Ingredients: