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iSkin Collagen

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iSkin Super Collagen

iSkin Super Collagen


iSkin Super Collagen is a dietary supplement that supports all the connective tissues in your body. It stimulates local cells in the target tissues to produce more collagen and key matrix components.

iSkin Super Collagen - Benefits

Firstly, it contains a key ingredient, Peptan. This is a unique solution with multiple proven health benefits to support overall mobility. By boosting the collagen content of the skin for a more youthful appearance, Peptan can meet your ultimate goal of feeling and look good. Furthermore, it is the world’s leading brand of collagen peptides. It is a natural, high-purity, bioactive ingredient with a protein content of over 97% (on a dry weight basis).

Mixed berry flavour. 

Key Ingredients:
Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, Magnesium., Peptan Collagen, Glutathione

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