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DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR

DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR


DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR is a cutting-edge product specifically formulated to treat various types of scarring and stretch marks effectively. This advanced formulation employs a unique combination of active ingredients designed to enhance scar recovery speed, reduce associated redness and pigmentation, and soften the appearance of scars and stretch marks.


DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR has many benefits owing to its robust blend of ingredients. It is enriched with silicone gel, a clinically validated ingredient recognized for its safe and effective scar treatment. 

One of the key benefits of this advanced cream is its ability to soften and flatten the appearance of scars and stretch marks, lending a smoother texture to the skin. It is designed to support faster recovery and actively diminishes the redness and discolouration often associated with scarring. 

Crafted without alcohol or fragrances, it prioritizes skin health while providing relief from the itching and discomfort typically experienced with stretch marks. Furthermore, its user-friendly nature makes it a preferred choice – it's quick-drying, non-sticky, and easy to incorporate into your skincare routine.

Skin Types:

The DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR cream is designed to benefit individuals dealing with various forms of scarring and stretch marks. 


Apply a small amount directly onto existing scars or stretch marks daily.

Key Ingredients:
7 Silicone Liquid Sheeting System, Zinc, Silica, Beeswax