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DP Dermaceuticals

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DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR

DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR


DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR is a scientific formulation to treat various forms of scarring and stretch marks.

DP Dermaceuticals SSSCAR - Benefits

The unique combination of active ingredients aids in the faster recovery of existing scars, as well as reduces redness and pigmentation as a result of the scars. Scars and stretch marks become visibly soft and flat through regular use.

SSSCAR can be used immediately following aesthetic and medical procedures which include micro-needling, incisions, tattoo application or removal, and skin resurfacing. It is easy to apply, non-stickly, quick-drying, transparent, and odorless.

Key Ingredients:
7 Silicone Liquid Sheeting System, Zinc, Silica, Beeswax

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